Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 4/8/2015

AP English III

As promised here are the materials that will help you to make sense of the piece by Plato, "The Allegory of the Cave."  First, make sure you're reading the proper excerpt from 50 Essays or from this link.  Make sure that you read the introductory material on Plato as it will help you to make sense of his argument.

Before You Read:

  1. Think about the idea of vision in Invisible Man - In what ways does he see?  How is he blinded?  What does this idea of blinding and seeing mean when it comes to reality and truth?
  2. Understand the structure - this is a dialogue between a student (Glaucon) and a teacher.  Understand the meaning of the student's name.  Understand the role of the teacher in this.
As You Read:
  1. Annotate heavily.  Look for key ideas.  Mark questions.  Read the whole thing without stopping.
  2. Make connections - How does this parallel the journey of the Invisible Man.  What is the meaning of the sun?  How does this piece relate back to "The Over-Soul" and the ideas of Transcendentalism?
After You Read:
  1. Watch this video from  Go back through the piece as you watch the video and answer your questions.  Develop more.
  2. Consider Plato's argument and its relationship to Invisible Man.
  3. Do you see?  Or are you blind?
I'm looking forward to a productive discussion on Friday to start our conclusion of Invisible Man.

English II

You have your final project on Purple Hibiscus due on Friday.  Remember that there are four key components to this project that you must turn in for full credit.  Here they are:
  1. Your timeline sheet - this was completed in class today.
  2. Your quotes sheet - this was begun in class and completed by you at home if you didn't finish it during the workshop time.
  3. Your written work for the project.  Ms. Alley gave you a plan for this today and reviewed it with you in class.  Make sure that you finish the planning and then either write or type your work on a different piece of paper that you will turn in.  Follow all of the guidelines on the assignment.
  4. Your visual of how the character has changed.  Use your writing to help you figure this out.  Show us Kambili or Jaja at the beginning and show us without words how the character has changed in the text.  You can draw, use a photo, a collage, painting, etc.  There are lots of options for this.

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