Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: April 14, 2015

AP English III

Big discussion today from which I hope you learned a lot.  For tonight, make sure that you have finished your consideration of chapter twenty three since we've not yet talked about it and make sure that you have thorough annotations and reading done for chapter twenty four.  You'll have to finish the book over the weekend, so you may find it helpful to just go ahead and get it done now.

Don't forget as well that the window is open for resubmission of papers.  If you have a required resubmission you are required to meet with me to discuss your paper and develop a revision plan.  If you don't have a requirement to resubmit I would still recommend meeting with me to discuss the work you need to do.

We'll be getting to The Things They Carried likely at the end of next week.  You may want to get your copy today or tomorrow - if you order from Barnes and Noble you can help send students to Russia if you use my code.  See the poster outside my room.

English II

You have no work to turn in for me next class, but it would be a good idea to write about or just think about the similarities between Hotel Rwanda and what we've learned so far about HaShoah and The Diary of Anne Frank.  Additionally, make sure that you study your vocabulary.  It'll help you to really learn the vocabulary if you focus on it every day.

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