Friday, October 16, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Students - 16 October

It's been a long week, but we made it to the end yet again.  Here is your homework for the weekend.

Russian II/III

You have your new phrase this week for your journals which is:

вольный как птица

Remember that as you use this phrase the adjective will change to refer to the thing/person/group which is free as a bird - so make sure to think about your adjective rules and declensions if those are triggered.  I will be looking for journals from everyone in class on Tuesday, both your first and second entry for the quarter - be sure that those are settled.

In addition, you'll have your verb exam on Thursday.  Study and prepare - I've been seeing clear growth as we've been working in class.  Make sure that you are settling your misconceptions to get things learned, for real this time!

Russian I

This weekend I want you to talk about the things and people you have in your house.  You should make a list of anywhere from ten to fifteen things and create complete sentences which work to express your possession (or someone else's possession) over the item.  Review your gender rules as well as your possessive pronouns; there will be an exam soon!

Don't forget too that we have a song to learn - here's the video to the song.

Practice your reading and your speaking with the song.  Make yourself an expert.

English II

This weekend you have two chapters of Persepolis to read "The Bicycle" and "The Water Cell" - as you read continue to take note of new vocabulary and add to your notes about the main characters.  What do we continue to learn about the Satrapi family?  The handouts are yours, so feel free to make notes in the packet.  Remember that your homework is to read, so you know what may happen when you have reading homework...hint...hint...

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