Thursday, October 22, 2015

All Students' Homework - 22 and 23 October - The End!

We have made it to the end of the first quarter!  Congratulations!  Here's where we need to be for next class.  I'm doing B-Day reminders too since I won't be in tomorrow

Russian II/III

Take a look at your work with our latest film "Служебный Роман" and work through your vocabulary and questions.  Make sure that all of the questions that we have seen so far in the film (the front side of the sheet) are answered.  In addition, work on question thirteen and compose an answer in Russian which expresses your opinion of the film so far.  One question from the front should also be answered thoroughly in Russian using complete sentences.

Russian I

You will not have your quiz on Tuesday, it will fall on Thursday.  We'll keep practicing and doing review on Tuesday.  To prepare for this review, complete the dialogue activity that we saw in our exercises on verbs.  Use the first dialogues as examples, and then complete the next dialogues using your knowledge of verb conjugation and Russian to complete the missing lines.

Now that we know about answering questions in the negative, please complete the final exercise writing out your questions as well as your negative and positive answer.  I will check homework again on Tuesday.

English II

Your homework for the weekend is on your second worksheet from today's class.  Select two of the images from those selected and analyze the image, picking out the important details as we did in our previous class.  Look at all of the details and codes that the author is putting into the image.  Then, be sure to answer the question about the image's importance in the story.

After these, please complete the final question on the back in a one paragraph response.  Remember to follow your good paragraph structure with a clear topic sentence, examples, and explanation of those examples!  This work will be your first grade of the second quarter.

AP English III

Reading!  You have your next goals on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn coming due on Wednesday, the next day we will see you.  Be prepared with thorough annotations and remember to work on your vocabulary bookmarks as well!

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