Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 14 October 2015

English II

Tonight for homework you have five excerpts from The Koran to read and consider.  Remember that The Koran is the equivalent to The Bible or Torah - treat this text with some respect.  Read the excerpts that you have and at the end of each one try to get to the rule for life that this excerpt teaches.  You should be able to get four rules from the four surahs.  In addition, try to get eight vocabulary words from your reading - two from each surah is a good goal.

Russian I

For tonight you have to do some more work in your vocabulary lists for chapter one.  Tonight focus on the verbs.  Look at the verbs you have in chapter one and organize them by conjugation type using the rules that we learned today in class.  You should write out your words as it will help you to learn them better than just putting a number next to the word.

Russian II/III

Tonight for homework I want you to do some work in your exercises for Chapter Four.  Complete exercise G - make sure that you do the forms in both Russian and in standard transcription.  You can organize your work however you would like, but remember to focus on studying and learning your stems.  Hopefully today's warm up was helpful in going over some of these concepts.

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