Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 13 October 2015

Sorry for the delay in posting this everyone; here are your reminders for our next class.

English II

Many of you were absent today, and I'll be checking on these absences tomorrow.  Everyone in class was able to complete the viewing guide for our film on Iran and its culture today, so there is no homework for you all to complete.  If you were absent, see me tomorrow to get the viewing guide.  I'll go ahead and post the video here so that you can watch it for yourselves or to watch it again for any of you who want to.

As you watch the video, focus on culture in Iran, important parts of the capital Tehran, and pay attention to any ideas about Iran which this video may challenge.

AP English III

Next class all of you have your test on Transcendentalism and Philosophy, so your key goal is to prepare yourselves for that.  Remember the ways that Ms. Ginocchio discussed today as to HOW to prepare for this type of examination.  You'll be asked specifically about our four key philosophical texts (King, DuBois, Emerson, Thoreau) as well as some overarching themes or ideas between all of them.  Review your notes and annotations as well as the text.  Include a look at your early notes on rhetoric as those are essential to this assessment as well.

You also have your first reading goal for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  You need to be to the end of Chapter Six by Monday's class.  It's better to be ahead then a behind (get it...) so make sure to meet your goals and surpass them.  Continue using your vocabulary bookmarks with this text, you'll have cards due again soon!

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