Monday, October 12, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 12 October 2015

Happy Monday Everyone - Here's what you need to take care of for tonight.

Russian II/III

Spend some time looking over your quiz on Russian verbs and the One-Stem Verb System.  Many of you are making small mistakes in stem identification which then lead to major issues when it comes to the conjugation of the verbs - this led to bigger mistakes in your quizzes.  Make sure to study and review and to prepare yourself for a retest if you want to do that.

For your actual homework tonight, spend some time working with your vocabulary from our film.  You have several verbs in the new vocabulary as well as nouns and adjectives.  Work to create sentences which make predictions about the film and what will happen.  Make sure to review your stems with the verbs as that is our key grammar goal for this unit.  As a baseline, try to write about ten sentences.

Also, don't forget that we have a new song to learn:

Russian I

Two cities are left to present and we'll get to those on Wednesday.  For tonight's homework, spend time working on your vocabulary in Chapter One, especially the nouns.  Take time to look at the nouns and to identify/organize them by their gender.  Further, try to pair the nouns with possessive pronouns which match the gender of the word.  All of this studying will help to prepare you and refresh you for your retest opportunity.

Remember all Russian retests must be done by the end of this week!

English II

If you did not finish your viewing guide on Rick Steve's Iran then make sure that you finish up that work and show it to me next class for credit.  Everyone currently has a grade based on what I saw.  Also, several of you are still missing your project grades for our Russian literature unit and your quizzes on our Russian literature unit.  Those assignments need to be made up this week as we will be finishing the grading period next week!

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