Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 20 October 2015

English II

There is no official homework tonight with the exception of make-up work.  If you are still missing your project or quiz on our Russian literature unit you only have Wednesday and Thursday to complete those assignments.  The projects can just be turned in to me, but the quiz will need to be taken with me during a time outside of class.  Please work to get this done so that your grade is the best that it can be this quarter.

Russian II/III

You have your exam on the one-stem verb system next class.  Today we reviewed the main stems that you will need to know and the various tricks to these stems.  Look at sample verbs, do activities for extra practice, and if you need help - please ask for it.  The quiz will follow the same format as the quiz with new verbs that you likely don't know so that I can see what your skills are.

Russian I

You have some work to do tonight with your verb conjugations of first and second types.  From the photocopy you want to complete exercise seven and eight (these focus on first conjugation) and exercise seventeen (focusing on second conjugation).  Remember as you do these exercises to follow the conjugation pattern given in the handout as well as the instructions of the exercise.  Additionally, please write out all Russian in these exercises - it will help you to do better than just filling in the blank.

Russian Students - Don't forget about our guests.  If you would like to bring in food for our guests please let me know!

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