Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 6 October 2015

Russian II/III

I forgot to collect your journals today so I will definitely collect them on Thursday.  Make sure that you have your writing ready for me to check.  On Thursday you'll have your quiz on the one-stem verb system.  Make sure that you have reviewed your notes as well as the information in the textbook.  On this quiz you will need to:

  1. identify the stem of a given verb based on its conjugation
  2. apply stems and endings
  3. write in structural transcription and in Russian
  4. account for consonant mutations
Please make sure to check out the exercises in the back of the chapter as they can be helpful for you in preparing.

Russian I

You also have a quiz next class on your vocabulary and grammar so far in the unit.  Based on the dialogues in class I can tell that some of you are still struggling a bit too much with the alphabet.  Practice and prepare and ask for help when needed.  It's clear that some aren't spending enough time at home getting ready.  Remember that you'll need your vocabulary as well as your notes on possessive pronouns and gender.  Study and be prepared!

English II

Next class your projects are due.  Some of you were even able to finish them today in class.  Make sure that your project shows your best work and that it is either typed or written in blue or black ink.  Follow the instructions on your rubric sheet for your individual project.

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