Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday, October 15- AP English III

AP students--

Your homework for Monday is to:

  1. Read Huck Finn Chapters 1-6.
  2. Come up with one question of any type (see your assignment sheet or information below). Write this question down. You can put it in your notes or have a dedicated sheet for your questions for all readings. Also identify which type of question you have written.
  3. 3B students only--please have a parent sign the Duke M.A.T. program permission slip and return it to Ms. Ginocchio on Monday. Thank you much!
Types of Questions

  • Literal/direct questions: These are factual questions, and you can find the answers to them in the text. There probably will be a “right answer.”
    • Example: What are the characteristics of District 12?
    • How is the book The Hunger Games narrated? (First person, present tense.)
  •  Interpretive questions: Questions that require inference or finding patterns in the text. The answer will be a conclusion backed up by the text, but there may not be one “right answer.”
Example: How does Katniss change in this chapter?
Is the cat a symbol? What does she represent?
Why did Suzanne Collins choose to make her hero from District 12?

  • Applied questions: Go beyond the text or connect the fictional events/world of the text with your real life and experience.

Example: Is it ever okay to disobey the law?
What are the similarities between the world of The Hunger Games and our contemporary world?
What kinds of violent entertainment exist in our world? Why do people watch these sorts of things?

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