Thursday, October 29, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students - 29 October 2015

English II

There are a few things to accomplish as we move into next class - let's go over them in order of importance.

  1. Read the next two chapters of Persepolis - "The Sheep" and "The Trip".  As you read, take notes on characters, plot, and new vocabulary.  You'll have a quiz on these chapters on Monday.
  2. Complete the paragraph which compares/contrasts your childhood to Marji's if you did not already turn that in today.  The only other day we will accept this assignment is Monday.
  3. Select your moment in your life for your personal narrative project.  We'll spend some time working on projects on Monday, most likely.
Russian I

Continue studying your new vocabulary and grammar especially the older concepts such as verb conjugation and possessive pronouns.  These will continue to be important as we move forward.  For tonight's homework, you're going to complete exercise three on page fifty.  You have ten questions which will require you to use the PREPOSITIONAL CASE in your answers.  Review the way in which we change words to put them in the prepositional case and answer the ten questions.  Remember to write out full answers.

Russian II

Tonight you are focusing on numbers.  On page 221, you will complete exercise sixteen.  In this exercise you need to write out the answers to the questions that you are asked.  Remember that each answer will start with the word B (At).  Please write your numbers out in words so that you are able to learn this vocabulary.

Russian III

Tonight you are reading in the textbook and taking notes on the modal expressions we briefly reviewed today in class.  Read over pages 366-369 and develop your knowledge on the use of modals, especially as they relate to tense and aspect.  We'll review this on Monday in some detail.  To help you with your knowledge of the five modals I am asking you to write one sentence with each modal.  Please as you write use the new vocabulary in the chapter to help you to learn and reinforce these new words.

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