Thursday, March 15, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - A Day Edition - 15 March 2018

Russian I

Today in class we finished the lesson that we started on Tuesday which was cut short by our late arrival to school. We have covered some review of the second conjugation pattern in Russian as well as the conjunctions "and", "but", and "and/but". Following that, we looked at some examples of these conjunctions in English and discussed their usage in Russian.

For the weekend focus on your vocabulary and your conjunctions by completing Exercise 3.8. As you work through the exercise you'll complete the sections A, Б, В. With each group, combine two sentences with the conjunction given to you for the set. Remember to reduce redundancy as you combine the sentences and to think about your verbs. Translate the sentences after you have combined them.

Advanced Russian

There are different assignments over the weekend for Russian II and III. All of us are focusing on using the dative case and new vocabulary around weather (Russian II) or foods (Russian III).

Russian III will focus on the use of the modal constructions (надо, нужен, можно, нельзя) and the way that Russian say should (должен). You'll be looking at exercise 9.5. Select one of the food items and then use your vocabulary and other grammar in the chapter to write yourself a list of things to do to make the selected food item. What are the things you need? What should you do? What shouldn't be done? What can't be done? You might find it helpful to look at Russian verbs around cooking which you can find here. There are some new stems when it comes to cooking verbs, so thankfully we use infinitives for all of these expressions we've learned (phew!).

Russian II will continue to focus on parts of speech and dative versus nominative case in making sentences describing the weather and feelings. You'll be writing sentences talking about how people feel during types of weather. How do you feel when it's cloudy? When the weather is rainy, how do you feel? What about when it's +37 outside? Use the grammar and vocabulary structures we learned today in class to write about yourself and others in various types of weather. Remember to use all numbers as words!

English IV

Next week we will have our test on Frankenstein and then move to finish the unit in the first week of Quarter 4. Today in class we did a lot of work around our essays - sharing the introduction paragraph to me - before going to class to discuss The Creature and his eventual change for the worse. We also brought in our discussion of nature and nurture to look at how these concepts interact with each other in this moment.

Over the weekend, be focused on preparing for your test. Study your plot events, look at the characters and know them well. Our test will be on Friday next week and will be the first grade of Quarter 4!

Also - next week on Monday we will cash in rubles for extra credit. After Monday I will no longer accept any missing work with the exception of quizzes and tests to make up from absence. Make sure that you have done what you need to do in order to be in a good place at the end of the quarter.

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