Friday, March 16, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - B Day - 16 March 2018

English IV

Today in class we did two major things - we completed the drafting of our introduction paragraphs and then we discussed one of the major themes of Frankenstein through a look at an episode of The Twilight Zone called "Eye of the Beholder". The ideas of the episode, particularly around what society considers to be beautiful or ugly have clear connections to what Shelley is working through with The Creature.

We'll continue to have these conversations and do more of this important thinking on Tuesday and Thursday as we prepare for our Frankenstein exam which will occur on Monday the 26th.

AP English III

Today in class we spent our time working on literary criticism in our motif groups. The main thing that we were doing today was understanding the way in which literary criticism can be useful in understanding complex literature. Hopefully, as you worked through one critical article, you were able to see clear connections to the ideas of your motif. This should be the basis of your latest motif blog post. Some of you were able to complete this today in class - if not, be sure that you have dealt with this post before moving on to the others.

For the weekend we have the reading of Chapters 13-15 in Invisible Man. Pay attention to how TIM falls into the same traps as he has before. What's different now? What's the same? Why do we get it, but he doesn't? This will start to push us into the final section of this novel where TIM has some of his final struggles and his big breakthrough at the end. Don't forget to keep blogging and completing your vocabulary as you go.

Lastly, be making progress with your papers. We have conferences through next week. Everyone is required to attend one conference and then in the days before the paper is due you can come back for final drop-in conferences.

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