Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Homework for A-Day: End of the Quarter - 21 March 2018

The snow keeps falling and yet we have no delay...hmm. There were a fair number of absences today, so make sure that you get caught up on what happened in class.

English IV

Today in class we spent time looking at our progress reports and cashing in rubles for some extra credit. Then we spent time reviewing the elements of a good body paragraph and planning for our body paragraphs. As we return to the computer lab next week we will have the goal of finishing our drafts and moving through the body paragraphs.

Next class you have your unit exam on Frankenstein. Be sure that you are spending time with your folders and your notes to complete your study guide. You can use your study guides on the test to help you do your best work. The test and the essay will be part of our Quarter 4 grades.

Advanced Russian

In class today we spent a lot of time working on our projects as well as developing our skills around using the double negative in Russian. This concept is a bit confusing since it is so different from how we navigate this same concept in English. Make sure that you continue to review our exercise today in class as well as the information in Chapter Seven around negation.

Tonight for homework we are focused on reading for Russian II (which will help with project work) as well as just finishing up the first part of the project for Russian III. Listening for Russian II is available at this link. You'll want to fast-forward to around 17:00 to start the recording of the two weather reports. Remember that by listening and practicing you'll be getting more comfortable with your speaking and with your fluency as you speak and read.

Russian III students should be able to finish their recipe card in Russian. What's the dish? What do you need? What are the steps?

Russian I

Today in class we began to work on the second concept in Chapter Three - the creation of adverbs in Russian from adjectives. Remember that, just like English, some words are already adverbs and we can't do anything to them except use them. Other adverbs are formed from adjectives - but not all adjectives can form adverbs!

Tonight to practice with the concept you'll complete Exercise 6 in Chapter Three. You'll see a word in parentheses off to the side. Take the word, make it an adverb, put it in the sentence, and then translate.

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