Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Homework for B Day - 6 March 2018

English IV

Hopefully you enjoyed the watching of the story of The Creature today in class. It gets us to a good part of the book where we can really start to have some very important conversations about The Creature, its relationship with Victor, and what all of this means about parent/child relationships.

As I've been saying, please take a look at PowerSchool and see me about any assignments that are missing or that you would like to resubmit. We will review the work that we have done from today next class and move on to some of these really important conversations.

AP English III

I hope that all of you felt comfortable and prepared for the assessment today on Invisible Man. I look forward to reading your answers about these questions to see how you are understanding Ellison's book.

For tonight you have the reading of Chapter Ten, which I hope you have already started to read and consider. Most everything in the chapter has a symbolic meaning - keep that in mind as you are going through the chapter. Also, there are a lot of recurrences back to Chapter One and the Battle Royale. Consider why Ellison would put this chapter here. What is this showing to us and kinda to TIM about the reality of New York?

Be sure that you have submitted your blog address at the post below. I'll be checking blogs starting on Wednesday morning for completeness before assessing your participation in this part of the unit. Additionally, I'll be returning and discussing research outlines on Thursday - so it is imperative that everything is turned in so that you can continue your development process.

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