Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Homework for A Day Students - 3/13/2018

English IV

Today we had a short day, so we spent it focused on our final Frankenstein projects - the adaptation and the essay. The main focus as we finish this project will be the essay in which we discuss what is the best way to depict either The Creature or Victor Frankenstein. To do this we finished our depictions and plans for the creature, and then we worked through our introduction paragraphs for our essay.

Over the next few classes we will be drafting and planning to construct this essay. The essay will be part of Quarter 4. We will also have a test on the first part of Frankenstein next week. We'll finish part one this week and review it before the exam.

Advanced Russian/Russian I

Today we started in on new units. This means that all of you should immediately begin to focus on learning new vocabulary related to the unit. Right now, stay focused on nouns and adjectives. These are a great place to start. We'll start taking a look at the verbs that we will be learning as we move through the unit.

Russian I Students - This is all you need to do for me. I have also returned your unit exams and explained how to resubmit the work. Make corrections on your test, but remember when you get your points then you will need to explain why you made the changes that you have made. Many of you have missing assignments - you need to get these things in.

Advanced Russian Students - We were able to get through our review of Dative Case usage, so please complete the Chapter Seven exercises to review what we covered. You'll want to complete exercise 7.4 and 7.5. These both have you focus on the dative case to express ages as well as feelings.

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