Thursday, March 1, 2018

Homework for the Weekend - A Day - 1 March 2018

Russian I

Very good work today in class today. I saw that a lot of you did well on our quick quiz and then everyone was able to complete their family trees. We also have finished reviewing our final set of declensions before our exam next week on Friday. Let's discuss what you should be doing this weekend to prepare.

  1. Complete your rough draft of your family member paragraphs. As a reminder you are using the outline provided on your assignment sheet to write about one male and one female family member. Use your notes and vocabulary to accomplish this. Do not use translators. Practice and make mistakes - remember it's just a rough draft. This is due on Monday.
  2. Complete your extra credit assignment on the back of today's in class work. Use your declension charts and your vocabulary lists in order to see which cases you need.
  3. Complete any resubmissions of projects this weekend. Review your work on previous quizzes to redo them. I've put zeroes in for the house plan project if it hasn't been turned in.
  4. Use the UCLA Beginner's Russian textbook for extra help. The link is available here. You will want to bounce around the chapters to review the important content. Use your study guides for this.
I'll see you on Monday as we keep pushing toward our unit exam. The test will happen on Friday.

Advanced Russian

We also have a big exam to prepare for - the Verbs of Motion examination. I gave all of you a study guide to use as you are preparing yourselves. You can also resubmit projects this weekend and prepare for any quiz resubmissions. If you are using the UCLA Beginner's Russian textbook for extra practice this weekend - you will want to direct your attention to Chapter 10 and beyond. Remember, you 'll have to bounce around to cover all of the content.

English IV

Next class we will have a chance to watch the film Frankenstein and finish with our dramatic retellings of Justine's trial. As you are working over the weekend, be sure that you're focused on any low grades that you would like to improve as we are closing out the quarter. Remember that there are only three weeks left in this quarter. Then it's off to Q4, Spring Break, and the end of this wonderful year!

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