Monday, March 19, 2018

Olympiada 2018

Russian Students - Levels 1-3

On Sunday, April 29th Duke University will be hosting the 4th Annual Carolinas Olympiada of Spoken Russian. I want to upload the instructions and preparation materials here so that you are able to start preparing. I would like to register our teams and begin practicing by this Friday. So please look over everything before this Friday. Use your DPS account to access these materials linked below.

Overall Competition/Study Guide - This document reviews the different levels of competition and what is expected for you to do. This document will guide you in how you use the following documents.

Speaking About Yourself - Устная часть - In this document you will see questions and topics for talking about yourself. These will be used in the competition.

Culture - There are many elements to the cultural knowledge competition. Here are some general guidelines.

Moscow and St. Petersburg - Know your sites and places around the cities!

See other notes on the music, literature, politics, art, film, and geography. See the informational pack on music, literature, and film preparation materials.

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