Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 10 May 2016

English II

Now that we have gone over the requirements of the website project I hope that you will all be actively working on completing these over the next few classes.  We will only be working on them in class for about two more sessions.  They should be finished by the end of next week.

Next class I'll be checking your research cards.  You should have five cards total - with one on each topic and an extra on a topic where you've found a lot of information.  Five cards is the minimum.  Do more if you need to.

If you have any missing work, like the paper - make sure to turn it in sooner rather than later.

Russian I

For homework you should complete the masculine nouns, moving from the singular to the plural.  There are some of the irregulars that we learned today within this list, so make sure that you use your notes as you are working.

Additionally, you have the study guide for the final exam.  Remember that it will cover Chapters One, Two and Three from our textbook.  You should be reviewing the information in these chapters and the study guide.  If you can't do something, then make sure to ask soon so that you can review.

Russian II/III

For homework tonight you should all be focusing on the new vocabulary within your chapters.  Level Three students also need to keep working on exercise eleven.  You're moving on to sentences 7-13.  For these sentences remember to analyze the participles for (gender, active/passive, present/past, case, and antecedent) as well as being able to translate the participle.

If you can, try to change the sentence into a который sentence - you may have an easier time managing the grammar using a который construction.

Level II students should continue to focus on new vocabulary and negation - you will have a final unit quiz/test soon on these concepts before the end of the year.

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