Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Homework for A Day Students - 4 May 2016

English II

Good work today in the library related to your projects.  Keep working on the research if you didn't reach your goal of three research cards.

The required homework for tonight is to read the article on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and answer the attached questions.  Remember that some of the questions are interpretation/me questions so you won't find the answers directly in the story.

Remember as well that if you have missing work it is important to get that turned in ASAP so that we can wrap up the semester well.

Russian I

Please finish the exercise that we began in class - checking the sentences for nominative case words and then changing those words from singular to plural.  We are identifying and changing only adjectives and possessive/demonstrative pronouns from singular to plural.  Also remember that everything changes to plural - all genders.

If you haven't yet presented on your country - you'll be doing this next class.

Russian II/III

With today's class being small due to AP testing we will be doing a lot of today's work next class.  Russian III students, we will be reviewing the homework exercise next class, so make sure that is prepared.

All students should continue to develop their characters for our final speaking assignment.  Remember to use the worksheet we reviewed today in class to sketch out and prepare to embody your character.  All answers should be in Russian.

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