Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Homework for B-Day Students: 3 May 2016

AP English III

Next class we will be having our quiz on Acts I-III of The Crucible.  In order to prepare for this assessment you should spend your time reviewing your characters, the study questions for Acts I-III, and the work that we did today on Machiavelli.

Your quiz will have multiple choice questions, quote identifications, and a short answer where you are drawing connections between the ideas of Machiavelli and the ideas of Miller in The Crucible.

English II

Today we had some time in the media center to begin our research on genocides around the world.  Next class you will be continuing to work on the research before we start working on the websites again.  If you would like to continue working on research at hope you are more than welcome to do so.  Keep using your cards as you keep doing research.

For homework I want you to read the small selection about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during World War II.  With the reading, make sure that you read carefully, and highlight information to help you answer the questions.  You will need to answer all the questions at the end.  I will check this for completion next class.

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