Thursday, May 5, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students - 5 May 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Here are your reminders going into the weekend.

English II

I'd like for all of you to spend time this weekend working on your research cards for our project.  By Monday, you should have five completed notecards.  If you are having trouble finding information on one of your topics (remembrance or resistance, for example), then spend time and develop more notecards on another topic so that you can meet your overall goal of five cards.

Next week we will start to put the information we've collected onto our websites, so it's important we work hard now to collect this information.

AP English III

This weekend I want you to spend your time reflecting on your portfolios and the written work that you have prepared for me this year.  Spend time especially with your timed writings.  Consider some of the consistent feedback you've received this year and make concrete plans to improve on those areas of your writing before we get to our exam on Wednesday.  For Monday's class we will be finishing The Crucible and then reviewing some last minute tips before the AP Exam.

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