Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Homework for A Day Classes - 18 May 2016

Russian I/II/III

You all have your assessments next class to prepare for.  Hopefully after today's class you are feeling ready for them.  Here are some quick questions to ask yourself to check your preparation:

Russian III Students:

  • Can you identify the different endings for participles and use those endings to indicate the voice and tense of the participle?
  • Can you recognize the verbal root to the participle?
  • Do you know how to find the antecedent for a participle?
  • Can you rewrite a participial phrase as a который phrase?
Russian II Students:
  • Do you know when you should use a double negative expression versus a singular negative expression?
  • Where do prepositions go when working with negative expressions?
  • Do you know the difference between не and ни?
Russian I Students:
  • Can you identify your parts of speech in Russian?
  • Can you identify genders for these parts of speech in Russian?
  • Do you know which words are irregular plural words?
  • Can you form the plural from the singular in the nominative case?
  • Do you remember what your conjunctions are and what they mean?
These quizzes will be your final assessment before the Final Examination (except for your speaking assignment for Russian II/III).  Make sure that you show your best on this.

English II:

For our final two classes we will be presenting our research projects and then watching a film to finish our study of the Holocaust and genocides.  Pay attention to the reminders below as your are finishing your websites tonight.  Remember - everyone should be ready to present next class, even if your website isn't perfect.  

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