Friday, May 6, 2016

Homework for the Weekend - 6 May 2016 - A Day Students

Russian II/III

Make sure that your character development sheets are ready for me on Tuesday.  Remember that all of the questions should be answered in Russian and are meant to help you fully realize the character that you are embodying for our final speaking presentation.

Russian III Students - You have the second task of going to our exercise and rewriting the participles as который clauses instead of as participles.  Next class we will continue to work on participles and delve into the difference between active and passive voices.

Russian I

This weekend you have your work on singulars and plurals in neuter and feminine gender.  Please complete the chart/worksheet by organizing your words by gender and then applying the notes we did today in class to create the plurals.

English II

Your homework is the same as what we have below for the B day classes.  We're going to six cards instead of five since we had a bit more time in the library today.  Remember that they should be organized by topics and reflect your sources.  Right now you should have at least two sources (one is a website and one is a book).  Next week we'll start plugging the information to the websites.

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