Thursday, December 10, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - Russian Students - 12/10/15

Russian I, II, and III

There is no required homework this weekend but all of you have the ability to reassess on standards and submit your reassessment work to me on Monday/Tuesday to earn new scores in the gradebook.  Below are the reassessment options.

Russian II and III

Служебный Роман - Viewing Guide G/SC/V - Write a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences) using vocabulary from the film which expresses your opinion on a theme or character from the film.  Cu - In English, compare the film to an American film.

Journals - Select one entry and make corrections.  Complete one entry for missing credit.

Quiz 9.1 (III) - Using food vocabulary and modals write a brief dialogue between a waiter and customer. The waiter should express what can and can't be ordered (заказать). The customer should express wants, needs, and preferences.

Russian I

If missing the family writing workshop - complete this first. Write your paragraphs on six family members including yourself.

Quiz 1.3 - Make a chart for the following ten words and identify their gender, declension pattern, and then identify the words in the nominative, prepositional, and accusative
cases. (G/V)

урок, озеро, карандаш, ручка, мать, девочка, кошка, конспект, площадь, письмо

Take two of these items and state your ownership of them. (SC)

Read this brief dialogue and explain the relationship between these two people. With whom would you speak this way? With whom would you not? (IR/Cu)

1: Здравствуйте Владимир Владимирович.

2: Здравствуйте Алла Сергеевна.

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