Sunday, December 13, 2015

AP English III Rough Draft Peer Review

This post is for students who were absent on Friday, December 11th. Other students can ignore. 

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In class Friday, we spent most of our time working on peer review of each other's essays. Everybody had two classmates read and comment on their work. We used a list of questions to help us focus on the important things at this stage in the process: argument, organization, and logic. For this draft, we are looking at big-picture stuff. Next round we will do smaller details like grammar, style, and formatting.

We spent 15-20 minutes on each essay, so that's all you have to spend at home. You are allowed to write on your partner's essay, but be sure to fill out the form and put your name on it. These will be turned in with the final drafts as part of the overall grade for the paper.

Most of you have sent me your essays, so I will pair you up with someone and send you each other's work. Please choose somebody else from the class to switch with a second time. We can facilitate this after your tests on Tuesday. You are also free to work with somebody from a different section.

Ultimately, what needs to happen is that everybody has had their paper reviewed by two peers by the time they leave for winter break.

Here are the questions you need to answer about your peers' papers.

As of 9:45 am on Sunday, I have drafts from: Hayley, Troy, Esperanza, Andy, Michelle, Drew, and Fana.

Naomi, Nyah, Randy, Caleb, Ben, Luke, and Max:  I don't have drafts from you, so I can't pair you up yet. The sooner you email them to me, the sooner you will be able to get feedback from a peer. Otherwise, bring a copy (or better yet, two copies) to class on Tuesday.

Robin: I know you've switched with someone already. Be sure to switch one more time with somebody else!

The other thing we did in class is begin talking about Ernest Hemingway and write six-word stories. For context and examples, see this article from Wired  magazine:

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