Friday, December 11, 2015

Weekend homework for B-Day Students: December 11

AP English III
Your main homework is to review for your test. Your study guide can be accessed here.

For students who were absent today, you missed our peer review workshop of our rough drafts. You will have to complete this outside of class. Tomorrow I will compile a list of everybody who was absent across both sections and try to organize some way for all of you to do this. If you have not sent me a draft of your paper, please do so. I will send out a message tomorrow with instructions about your peer editing and giving you the document we used to give our feedback.

English II

Your homework is simple: study for your grammar quiz! This quiz will cover apostrophes in general and the following words: whose/who's, it's/its, and there/they're/their.

Here are some helpful web comics from the Oatmeal if you are still confused:

Also, do not forget to be working on your final drafts of you movie reviews. Those are due before break!

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