Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students - 9 December 2015

English II

For homework tonight you should be able to complete the rough draft of your movie review assignments.  Keep in mind the four paragraph layout and the use of your viewing guides to help you write your reviews.  Remember that your thesis will be found in question six and your analysis of the device in the film will be seen in questions three and four.  Bring your review to class with you on Friday so that we can have our editing workshop for these.

AP English III

Excellent work today with your literary criticism work; I hope that you enjoyed reading and evaluating these different pieces.  For tonight, you should be focused on finishing your rough drafts.  If you're still having issues in the development of your topics then please try to see Ms. Ginocchio tomorrow to work through these questions.  Remember that you must have a hard copy of your writing for Friday.

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