Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Homework for A Day Classes - 2 December 2015

English II

Today we finished reading Persepolis.  Next class we'll finish the movie.  Since we're done with the book there are a few important dates coming up for you all:

  • December 8th - Tuesday - Quiz on Persepolis (second half) and vocabulary
  • December 14th - Monday - Quiz on Grammar (apostrophes and other common mistakes)
Some of you are still missing your projects and other work.  Make sure that these are turned in sooner, not later so that you can get as many points as possible.  If work is still missing on Friday, we will convert those to zeroes for your progress reports.

Russian II/III

All of you should be working on your writing assignments tonight in advance of our workshop day on Friday.  Friday's class will be spent writing, reviewing, and working so that we can meet our first deadlines for our writing assignments.  Additionally, we will spend some time looking at a few related grammar topics and perhaps singing!  Please make sure that you have done the planning work you need to do so that you can be productive on Friday.

Russian I

You need to complete all of the exercises on page one of our packet.  We will move on to the other pages of the packet on Friday, but make sure page one is done.

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