Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 16 December 2015

It's almost the last A day of the year!  You've just got one more left!

Russian II/III

Your homework for tonight is to prepare for your presentations.  The instructions are below for each of the sections -

Russian II - You should submit to me your first and second draft as well as a final draft.  You should also submit your verb analysis in which you tell me: 1) the aspect of your chosen verb; 2) the pair for the verb; 3) the tense of the verb in your writing; and 4) the meaning of the verb's tense and aspect in your writing.

Don't forget that you are also completing images of your verbal actions.

Russian III - You should submit to me your final draft of your script which you will present before the class as well as your verb analysis.  The verb analysis instructions are the same as what Russian II will complete.  Make sure that you have practiced your lines and reading before you come to class - don't let your fluency and comprehensibility score suffer since you haven't practiced.

Russian I

For homework you should continue to work on your family writing and paragraphs.  You'll see a grade in your PowerSchool which will reflect your work on the three paragraphs you gave me today.  Make sure on Friday when you get your notes back that you apply these to the rest of your writing.  Remember to follow the model in the previous blog entry.

English II

For homework tonight many of you need to turn in missing work or assignments.  You all got progress reports which outline what is missing and where you currently stand in class.  Don't allow these blanks to become zeroes.  Get ahead of things and get it settled.  The most important things are the movie review on Persepolis, the graphic novel project, and any missing quizzes or tests.  You'll have to see us to take care of a quiz or test, but the major projects you can simply just turn in.

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