Thursday, March 12, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Students - 3/12/2015

Does anyone else feel like March is just flying by?  I guess this is what happens when we have two weeks that drag past with snow days.  Here are your reminders and updates for tonight and the rest of the weekend.

English II

If you have not yet presented you will need to settle this next class so that you have your grades settled moving into the last two weeks of the quarter.  For the weekend work on meeting your next reading goal of being to page SEVENTY (70) in Purple Hibiscus and remember to have your books and your timeline sheets next class as we will be working through those as we go over what we've read so far.

AP English III

Your first task is to read through to the end of chapter eleven of Invisible Man by Monday.  These chapters are very significant and I gave you several things to think about as you read in the post below.  In addition, take the work from today's class on Langston Hughes's poetry, especially the idea of identity creation and passivity versus agency, as you look at chapters ten and eleven.  Keep in mind that your rough drafts of your research papers are also due on Monday and we will begin writing conferences that day.

For Wednesday you'll have your first examination on Invisible Man - it will cover the Prologue through to chapter eleven as well as the external texts from Hughes, Baldwin, and Hurston.  You would do well to begin preparing for this over the weekend.  Come to class on Monday with questions for me or Ms. Alley about the test.

Lastly, your poetry analysis and comparison is due to Ms. Alley on Friday of next week.  Follow the instructions that she gave you on the assignment as you complete this.  Remember that the same rubric you used for the symbolism assignment.  Discuss any questions you have with Ms. Alley - remember that you can tweet to her if you would like to do that.

There's a lot for you all to do next week - now it's time to make up for that time we lost due to snow.  Make sure to ask for help if you need it; we know there's a lot to do, but we also know that you can do it.

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