Friday, March 13, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - 3/13/2015 - A Day Students

Russian I and II

You have your journals due on Tuesday for the quarter.  This quarter you should have three entries.
  1. С кем не бывает?
  2. Маслом масленное
  3. Убить двух зайцев
Remember to use the phrase in the body of your writing.  Write one full page in your journal, double spaced.  Feel free to write about anything you would like but don't use translators.  Just write what you know and use your vocabulary.

If you didn't finish your test today, make sure that you finish it on Monday.

Russian I

Don't forget your family assignments are also due to me on Tuesday with your journals.

English II

Meet your next reading goal - you need to be to the end of page seventy in Purple Hibiscus by Tuesday.  You will be doing a lot of reading over Spring Break - read ahead now to be ahead for break.

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