Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Homework for B-Day Classes - 3/10/2015

English II

We will have our final day for presentations on Thursday.  Please be prepared to present your work and to explain what your item is and why your item is important to Nigeria.  Thursday will be the last day to present, so make sure that you have your work ready.

In addition you have your next reading goal to complete which is to be to page thirty-six in Purple Hibiscus.  Please make sure to bring your book with you next class as I would like to have a book check to make sure that everyone has what they need.  After this you'll need to make it to page seventy by Monday, so I would keep reading ahead to meet that goal.

A note on reading ahead:  Remember that you will have quizzes on this book.  If you read ahead you'll want to take notes so that you know what happened, who was involved, and many of those other pieces of information which you pick up as you read through a text.

AP English III

You received your outlines today.  Remember as I said in class that a good outline will save you a lot of time as you write a paper.  Make sure that you work on the areas we discussed today in class.  I would still suggest that many of you see me or Ms. Alley to discuss your outlines before you begin to draft.  Your rough drafts and writing conferences begin on the 16th.  Make sure to sign up on my door for your appointment.

For reading, you need to be to the end of chapters ten and eleven by Monday's class.  Your exam on the first half of the book will fall on Wednesday.  Chapter ten is difficult because of all the things going on in it - here are some ideas to get you started:

  • notice all the play on politics and power in this chapter - especially the use of the term liberty
  • pay attention to the job of the invisible man in the paint factory - how is this job symbolic
  • note the character of Mr. Brockway - why is he important?  how is he treated by others?  by the invisible man?
  • there is a union meeting happening when the invisible man goes to get his lunch - what is the issue that the union is debating
  • what happens at the end of the chapter - how is this an echo of the battle royal?
  • the hospital scene in chapter eleven is another scene of rebirth and transformation
  • pay attention to the allusions to the Odyssey here
  • who are the enemies in the hospital
  • what is going on with power and control
These two chapters are very rich.  Make good annotations and make sure that your motif charts are complete up to this point.

All classes received progress reports today.

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