Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 3/17/2015

Русский 1 и Русский 2 - С днем святого Патрика!

Russian students - over the next few days while I am gone you should all be practicing nightly with your vocabulary and grammar.   If there's a case that you haven't finished mastering - spend that time now to memorize and work.  If there is a verb you can't conjugate then memorize those forms now.

You have a lot of writing to do for me in Russian.  Make sure that for next MONDAY (3/22) you have your journals for the quarter due for me.  Your previous three sayings are in the previous blog post.  Make sure that you write the new journal entry focusing on the phrase "Нет худа без добра!"  Your journals will be collected on Monday and will be graded.

Here's the song we listened to in class, with the lyrics.

Русский 1

Make sure that if you have your family writing to turn in or your work on the animal writing - or any other missing work that you get that in to me on Monday as well so I can get it graded by the end of the quarter.

English II

For Thursday's class I want to make sure that you keep reading.  You need to be to page 111 in Purple Hibiscus.  Make sure that you are reading carefully and keeping track of the trends

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