Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students - 3/24/2015

AP English III

Tonight for homework you have two priorities and maybe a few others depending on you.

  1. Research papers!  You need to submit your research portfolios with all of the required pieces that you have developed into your research paper.  These are your question sheet, your outline, your rough draft with notes from conference, and your final draft.  Remember that the final draft must have the cover sheet and rubric attached.  You will submit everything in your portfolio to Ms. Alley on Thursday.
  2. Reading in Invisible Man for Thursday is to the end of chapter sixteen.  Remember to pay attention to the Brotherhood and the new characters you are meeting associated with this organization.  There are also a lot of parallels happening at this point in the text.  Notice them and consider why.
  3. If you are resubmitting one of your shorter papers you must do this by Thursday.  Any missing work (timed writings) need to be made up by this date.
English II

Continue reading in Purple Hibiscus to page 140 for Thursday's class.  Pay attention to the differences that are starting to develop between Kambili and Jaja at this point in their lives.  Why are they becoming different?  How are they becoming different?

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