Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 3/25/2015

Today's my last day with you.  I bought my plane tickets before our snow days and now I've got to leave a bit early.  Here's what you have to accomplish for tonight.

Russian I and II

You all should be taking this time before we begin a new unit to work on your foundational skills.  After today's class we've reviewed our case declensions as well as our verb conjugations for first and second conjugation.  Use all of this to help you work on those necessary skills.  Every day you should be working for thirty minutes on new vocabulary, writing, and reading.  Work hard and practice - that's how you'll get better in Russian.  Continue this work next class with your videos and over break.

English II

For our next class on Friday you should read to page 162.  Make sure to keep up with your timeline, family tree, and quotes sheet as you'll need all of these things moving forward.

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