Monday, March 9, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students - 3/9/2015

Russian II

Tonight for homework you have a bit more writing to do with the genitive singular and plural.  Work on exercises four and five from the handout.  In exercise four, make a list of what the students have already bought.  You may be using a dictionary for some of the words.  You have more of a glossary at the bottom of the page.  Then, for exercise five, write five more sentences saying what else these students would need to buy for the rest of the week.  You'll turn all this in next class.

Make sure that if you are presenting your weather report on Wednesday that you are ready for that and that you have shared your presentation with me.

Russian I

Tonight for homework you need to continue the work from our writing workshop and complete the writing assignment on your family.  For Wednesday's class you should have a complete rough draft on all four of your family members.  Part of this assignment is repetitive so that you will be forced to remember verb conjugation forms.  Follow the outline and complete the assignment.

If you're looking for a Russian keyboard to type your final work you can use - this will present you an online keyboard from which you can copy and paste into a document.

Russian I and II - You'll be having a test on Friday related to cases.  Be ready!

English II

Your goal for tonight is to meet your next reading goal in Purple Hibiscus by Wednesday's class.  Also be ready to present for Wednesday if you did not present today.

All classes received progress reports today!

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