Thursday, March 5, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 5 March 2015 - Homework for the Weekend

Russian II

Over the weekend you have two things to accomplish.  First you have your weather reports to finish.  Here are the requirements for your weather report:
State the date in Russian form.

  1. Describe the weather in Durham, North Carolina for your date: temperature and conditions.
  2. Explain using the dative case what someone would need to take with him/her for this weather.
  3. Describe the weather in your Russian city for your date:   temperature and conditions
  4.  Explain using the dative case what someone would need to take with him/her for this weather or an activity that would be good for this type of weather.
  5. Using the future tense, explain what the weather will be tomorrow in your cities.
  6. Create a visual for Durham and your Russian city with weather information in Russian.  Use PowerPoint for this and send me your slides.
  7. Remember that you will be submitting this to me online - send it to my gmail account mrmillerjhs @ gmail (dot) com.  If you're using a prezi share the link to me.  If you're using powerpoint put it in Google Drive and then send it on to me.

The other work that you have to do is your analysis of my shopping receipt.  Answer all of the questions and make sure that you are writing out all of the prices in Russian.  Make sure that you're checking your work and your use of the genitive case either singular (non-count) or plural (count).

Russian I

Over the weekend you need to complete any missing assignments as well as two paragraphs of your family assignment.  Follow the outline that I gave you on the assignment sheet to complete this.  Do not use translators for this.  All of the vocabulary that you need is in your textbooks.  Follow the ideas in the sentences and think through your cases. 

You're getting progress reports on Monday.  Make sure that everything is settled.

English II

Your projects are due on Monday and Wednesday of next week.  Make sure that you have completed the whole Presentation and that your citations are in the right format.  Make sure as well that you have shared your presentation to Ms. Alley because that is how you will turn it in.

Don't forget as well that you have another reading goal for next Wednesday in Purple Hibiscus

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