Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 3/11/2015

Russian I and II

You all will have a test next class on cases and you should be preparing yourself tonight.  Here are some notes for you to prepare yourselves.

  • Know your case endings for nouns, adjectives, and any other type modifiers (demonstrative pronouns, etc.)
  • Russian I - you only need to know your singular endings
  • Russian II - you need to know your plural endings
  • Russian I and II - make sure that you know how to work with verbs.  Russian I - look at your verbs from chapter one and chapter two.  Russian II - you're going to want to look at your verbs of motion as you'll need to work with these on the exam.
  • You'll all have dehydrated sentences to construct on your tests.
  • Make sure that you know about the different cases - there will be a matching section related to the different cases and the job that the case has.  This will be a big section of both exams.
Russian II - We will be finish weather report presentations next class.  Make sure that you're ready for for that.

Russian I - I will be looking over the rough drafts of your family writing next class.  Make sure that you have all your paragraphs drafted so that I can give you feedback next class.

English II

You have your next reading goal for Tuesday.  Make sure that you are reading nightly (about ten pages) so that you are caught up for next week.  If you still need to present, we can do this on Friday.

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