Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Homework for B Day Students : 3/18/15

AP  III - I started grading tests this evening, and they look really good so far. Told y'all it wasn't hard. For Friday, make sure you have read ch 11-12 in Invisible Man, and be prepared to turn in your papers on Langston Hughes. Also be reminded that your final drafts of research papers are due March 26. If you have not yet had a conference with me or Mr. Miller, please find a time to do so tomorrow or Friday - the sign up sheet is on the door.

English II - Read to p. 111 for our next class. There will be a reading quiz! Please bring your close reading passages to class as well. Since we did not finish these in class today, we will begin with them the following class period. Continue to think about Kambili and Jaja's personalities, and pay attention to the way they change.

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