Monday, January 26, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 1/26/2015

Next class we'll be having a PLC day, so make sure that you plan accordingly.

Russian II

For homework tonight you have to complete the translation activity from last class.  Remember that if you didn't have this ready for today that's not necessarily a bad thing, but you do need to make sure to use me as a resource if you need me.

In addition to finishing the translation work, please do the analysis on интерес versus интересы.  Read exercises 162 and 165 to understand the difference between the singular and the plural.  Take notes.  Be able to explain the difference between the singular and plural usage in your own words on Wednesday.

Russian I

For homework tonight I would like for you all to finish what we did not finish in exercises eight and nine at home.  Remember that in exercise nine you are only do to the sentences on the Locative/Prepositional case and the Accusative case.  Focus on making sure that all of your words are in the correct form.  Use your notes to check yourself!

English II

There is no homework for tonight except to finish your tone assignment if needed and to work on your new vocabulary.  Next class we will finish our study of "A Problem" and do some work with the main characters!

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