Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Homework for A Day Students - 1/6/2015

And now welcome back to all of you!  Here are your reminders for getting you to the next class.

English II

Your final drafts of your speeches are due on Monday.  You will need to make sure that you have a final draft, your draft packet, your outlining sheet, and your assignment sheet.  If you are missing any of these documents, make sure to get them so that you can receive full credit.

Next class we will continue watching the film and hopefully finish it.

Also - apologies for this but we will need to deal with the DPS English test next class.  Remember that this is a skills test for which you cannot study.  We'll go over it before we start on Thursday before we start the assessment.

Russian I

For tonight you should focus on writing the answers to the questions on the cartoon we watched in class.  Remember to use the question as a starter to your answer.  Use your grammar and attempt all of the portions so that we can have our workshop next class.  If you'd like I'm putting the cartoon below so that you can watch it again if you need to.

Russian II

For tonight finish your sentences using verbs of motion to describe actions in the film Ирония судьбы.  Remember to start with the English version of what you want to describe and then move on to the Russian.  Use the notes on the back for locations and character names.

In addition, spend some more time on your research.  We'll have only a bit left next class to work on these projects before we present next week.

ALL RUSSIAN STUDENTS - Don't forget you have a mid-term next week.  You should be studying nightly!

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