Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students - New Quarter - 1/20/2015

Welcome back from the long weekend and welcome to the beginning of the third nine weeks and second semester.  Here we are at the halfway point on the way to summer vacation.

English II

Using your new vocabulary for the day create a paragraph which uses five of these words.  When you use the word in your paragraph, try to make sure it's clear you know the meaning of the word.  Don't just say something like, "I had a tsar."  Tell me something along the lines of. "The tsar hated everyone and nobody could do anything about it.  He was too powerful."  Show me what you learned.  You can use vocabulary from the lecture/game about Russian culture or from Pushkin's poem.

Your prompt for the paragraph is to write about going back to a place you know really well.  I might write about going back to my mom's house in Alaska.  If you need help, review the poem.  Think about how Pushkin felt about the going back home.  We'll work more with Pushkin and the poem on Thursday, but make sure that you do this vocabulary work tonight.

Russian I

For tonight, write sentences about your house and the things located within those spaces.  Remember our example from class:

В туалете находится ковёр.  In toilet room there is located rug.

You need to write about four more rooms and tell me about two things in each.  This leaves you nine sentences.  Use the example as a model, but vary your sentence structure if you feel like you want to.  You won't lose points for being adventurous.

A quick note about some rooms as you put them in prepositional case:  If the ending is ая in the nominative, like гостиная, then the ending becomes -ой in the prepositional, like в гостиной.

Russian II

We will finish presentations about Russian holidays on Thursday and then move on into the new unit on weather.  Also, I have a wonderful preview for you all - we're finally going to start learning plurals in all of the cases!  Get ready for a lot of work with your favorite Russian sound Х!

A few of you need to finish testing.  Get this settled ASAP.

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