Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Homework for B-Day Students: 1/27/2015

AP English III

For tonight make sure that you are reviewing your notes on The Crucible as well as your annotations in preparation for our quiz next class.  Next class you will have multiple choice questions, quote identifications, and short answer questions on the play.  In addition, you will have a timed writing which will be a rhetorical analysis.  These two assessments will count as two grades.  Make sure that you have your copy of The Crucible with you next class as Ms. Alley and I will be looking at your annotations of the text.

English II

There's no homework tonight except to finish the tone/image assignment from "I Have Visited Again" by A.S. Pushkin.  Make sure that if this is reading as a zero on your PowerSchool that you have settled this by next class or those zeroes will become permanent.

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