Friday, January 23, 2015

Homework for the Weekend - B Day Classes - 1/23/2015

English II

If you didn't finish your tone illustration from Pushkin's "I Have Visited Again" then you will need to finish that over the weekend.  In addition, don't miss assignments in the second semester.  If you didn't get your vocabulary work done, you'll need to make sure that you consistently do the rest of your assignments for the quarter!  Don't make the same mistakes you made last year.

AP English III

For homework this weekend you have two things to do.  First, finish reading The Crucible.  As you finish reading, finish your annotations.  Pay attention to the ideas you see in the text and the ideas you've seen throughout the whole text.  Make sure that your covers show your reading from the text.

When you've finished the text, then move on to your writing assignment.  Your writing is a simple three paragraph essay which answers the prompt:  What would Arthur Miller think of Mean Girls?  As you write follow this structure:

Paragraph One:  DADS Argument based on the prompt.
Paragraph Two:  Body Paragraph.  Use an example from The Crucible as well as one from Mean Girls to support and prove your argument.
Paragraph Three:  Brief conclusion.  Reconnect to the argument.

In all your piece should be no longer than one page.  Focus on getting to the point quickly and clearly.  Answer the question and be insightful.

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