Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh My! The Whole Last Few Days...

Everyone!  My sincerest apologies for leaving off the blog post for two days.  Here's what needs to be done over the long weekend as well as some reminders.

Russian I

We will begin a new unit on Tuesday which will look at adverbs, adjectives, and a few other types of pronouns.  To prepare for this, start looking at your chapter two vocabulary.  Much of this vocabulary focuses on the house and family, so I would recommend labeling things around your house to help you.  Make some flashcards and mark stress on them.  Just work on identifying and memorizing.

We're going to keep working on cases in this next unit and how these parts of speech (especially adjectives and pronouns) continue changing for case.  Practice with your case endings.  Memorize.  Drill and practice.  Ask for suggestions if you need them.

Russian II

Tuesday will officially be the end of the semester for you.  We will finish the exam and then finish project presentations on Russian Holidays.  I've received two new prezis but I don't know how the other groups are planning on presenting, make sure that you are prepared for Tuesday.

In addition, you've all seen the exam now so I expect that you'll be studying over the weekend and practicing with what you've seen.  Expect a few additional questions on the same concepts to test your knowledge.

English II

Some of you still need to tie up some loose ends from the end of the semester on Tuesday.  I know that a few of you have made arrangements to take the Heroes Unit Quiz with me after-school.  Thank you for that, make sure to meet your commitment.  In addition, there are also the speeches.  The scores will be entered on Monday and finalized on Tuesday - so if you have your speech and haven't yet submitted it (you'll see a score of 50%), then stop by and see me on Tuesday.

I also want to take a quick second to remind you all about second semester.  No more free passes.

AP English III

Over the weekend you need to begin with your study of The Crucible.  If you have yet to begin your reading of the play then you will now be paying the piper with some heavy reading for the weekend.  Your task is to read to the end of Act II.  As you read, you must also start your front cover annotations on characters.  Remember that since this is a play you will be given a character list in the play.  Use this.

The language of the play is simple and direct.  So look for the complex in the simple.  Read Miller's "Why I Wrote The Crucible" - annotate it heavily and understand his context and purpose for the play.  From here, you should be able to begin the annotation of your back covers and within the margins of the text.  Remember that this is an allegory - connect the dots.

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