Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students - PLC Day - 1/28/2015

English II

Tonight your homework is to finish your paragraph response of the question on Sasha's character.  Remember as you write you need to first have a clear topic sentence which answers the question and gives a reason behind your answer.  You need two clear details in your writing with explanation which help prove your point.

Show what you've learned about good composition and writing and put this in to this assignment.  Don't also forget that the last day to turn in the tone assignment is next class.

Russian II

We didn't get as far as I would have liked today, but we had a good class nonetheless.  For tonight, work on your exercise focusing on using the word интерес.  Write a brief story using this word in a variety of contexts.  Make up a situation.  Project to your future.  Whatever you'd like, but use the word and use it correctly.  Remember the examples you have and the analysis we did in class.  Come and see me if you need help.

Also remember that if you haven't submitted your translation sentences these are due on Friday for final call.

Russian I

Tonight you should complete exercise nine on the use of the accusative and prepositional/locative case in Russian.  After our review of exercise eight, all of you should be able to complete this exercise.  Remember to follow the patterns.  Don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

Lastly, remember that we have the vocabulary project which is due next week.  Get ahead on this now and start to create your sentences.

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