Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Day Number One - 1/14/2015

Having this day off today means that we lose that day off next week, oh well.  Keep in mind that this means when we return on Thursday that we will be having an A day.  Here is what all of you can do today to make sure you're ready for the end of the quarter.

English II:

All of you should take this time to prepare for your quiz on The Odyssey, Musashi Miyamoto, and Exodus.  Remember to review characters, the elements of being a hero, and the elements of the hero's cycle.  If you don't have notes - ask a friend or send an email to me.

In addition, be aware that you need to turn in your speech and do your presentation if you did not do this on Monday/Tuesday.  Thursday and Friday will be the only days left to do this, so get it taken care of.  A lot of B-day students were not in class because of the lockdown; make sure you submit this last major assignment.

The only minor assignment you can still submit is the bumper sticker assignment.  Do that if you do not have a grade.

Russian I and II:

You have your mid-term next class.  Please let me know if you need help as you are studying and preparing.  I had a bit of a mini-review session with some Russian II students yesterday which was really productive and went over some key parts of the exam.  Let me know what you need!

AP English III:

You have your presentation of your websites on Friday.  I'd also like for all of you to bring in your copies of The Crucible because we will be starting to work on that in class at the conclusion of your presentations.

For your presentations each group will need to present its synthesis - What is your argument?  How do each of you support the argument of the group?  In addition you'll need to each speak about your piece that you analyzed and give a brief explanation of the piece and the author's argument in the piece.

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