Thursday, January 22, 2015

Homework for A-Day Students: 1/22/2015

English II

You all have no homework for the weekend except to finish your tone illustrations if you did not finish in class.  As we move forward, please make sure that you continue to meet expectations and complete all assignments.  Today a lot of you missed the chance to submit your vocabulary work which does not set a good trend for the rest of the quarter.

Russian I

For the weekend you have two tasks to complete.  First, dress up your basic sentences by adding adjectives.  Remember the rules of agreement for case and gender.  Use colors or any other adjectives from your vocabulary sheet as the goal with this is to create complete sentences using grammar and vocabulary concepts.

In addition, you have the reading for chapter two.  Here is a link to the Chapter Two audio.  First there is the vocabulary read aloud for you and then you have the reading.  With the reading, follow along and read it several times.  Then, do your analysis of the reading.  Find all pronouns, nouns, and adjectives and analyze the case in them.  I would recommend doing this with highlighters or markers and color coding the reading.

Russian II

For homework this weekend you have some more review work to do to keep practicing with important concepts.  Select ten sentences from exercises 6.13B and translate them from English into Russian.  Be sure to have the English translation with your Russian so that I can make sure your translation is accurate.

As you work through the translations I'd recommend the following questions:

  • Which cases do you need for which words?
  • What type of action is happening in this situation?
  • Which group of verbs is needed?  
  • What is being emphasized in this action?
Spend time with this - try each - and if you don't know, come and ask!

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