Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Homework for A-Day Students: 12/3/2014

Russian II and Russian I

Please remember what I said today in class about our new warm-up procedures.  Study and know your declensions and your verb conjugations.  This is an effort to make sure that you learn what you need to learn in order to be fully successful in Russian.  Get it done.  Ask for help.

Russian II

Today you got your exercise packet on the beginnings of verbs of motion.  You should be able to work on the exercises up to the information on пойти which we will discuss next class.  Try to do one or two questions from each exercise.  The whole packet is due next week, so take this time to try to get something started and ask questions next class if you're confused or unsure.

Russian I

The presentations of your Russian city projects will be on Tuesday.  We will return to the library on Friday to finish the research on the cities.  Tonight, I would like for you to try to write your sentences about your city.  What is in the city?  Что в городе?  What does the city have?  У города есть что?  Who is from the city?  Кто из города?

We'll review some of these structures next class as we continue our work moving forward with cases.

English II

Today you got progress reports which is an indicator as to if you have homework tonight or not.  If your project grade is blank, this means you did not submit it or it was not labeled with your name.  Make sure to get this work turned in so that you can have your progress report reflect a good score.  If your work is not turned in by Friday then we will put in the scores that you have earned.

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